Holly Venetos

Holly VenetosHolly Venetos has been the Center Director of Clear Advantage Vision Correction Center and Eyesight Ophthalmic Services in New Hampshire after over 15 years of sales and management in higher education, human resources and IT. Holly’s background including developing the first “Plus 2” college education program in New England where students enrolling into an associate’s degree program could obtain their 2 year college degree, allowing them for better employment opportunities, and continue on into and additional “plus 2 ” years of education obtain a Bachelors degree. From there she established a career placement program for graduates at a multi-location technical career center in Boston which boasted a 98% placement rate for graduates after the program was developed.

In 2004 Holly joined Eyesight and Clear Advantage. With over 9 MD’s and 6 OD’s, Eyesight is the largest ophthalmology group in the seacoast region of New Hampshire and drawing in patients from northern Maine, southern Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Holly faced several problems when she started; the refractive center was newly established and the surgeon was a new unknown graduate from California; the general ophthalmic practice had poor reputation in the OD community and with over 10 ophthalmologists within a 40 mile radius, competition was fierce. They had only 2 referring optometrists!

Holly not only developed a comanagement program for the refractive surgery side of the practice, but simultaneously developed trust for the general ophthalmic side. After 15 years of practice, she single handedly developed a program with over 480 referring optometrists. Today, over 70% of our refractive surgery patients are comanaged. Holly has brought her successful program to several ophthalmic practices within the past few years and most, if not all, report a gain 5-10 new OD referrals within the first month, and a continued 5-10 OD’s every month thereafter!

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