Lisa Chmura

Lisa Chmura

Senior Practice Consultant, Eyemax Group

Lisa graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a double major in Marketing and Finance, Investment and Banking. She was employed at a global mergers and acquisitions firm in Orange County, California for 3 years specializing in Direct Marketing Management.

Lisa began her career in the Ophthalmology industry as Marketing Director at a practice in Southern California where, for 10 years, she was instrumental in growing the refractive side of the practice by driving exceptional growth with brand recognition, word of mouth, post-op experience protocols, team building and motivation, goal setting and incentive structures, tracking and reporting standards, community outreach and event marketing, as well as promoting and hosting over 300 LASIK seminars.  When she left, the practice had achieved the status of being one of the busiest LASIK practices in the United States.

Lisa moved on to work for Eyemax in 2007 as Senior Practice Consultant.  Eyemax is a full-service staff coaching, marketing & consulting firm with 100% of their clientele in the eye care industry. Lisa utilizes the skills and experience she gained in building a successful LASIK practice to help her clients achieve growth and success.

Lisa also enjoys public speaking and has presented at ASOA and other events for over 12 years.  With her comprehensive knowledge of the refractive industry, Lisa employs her areas of expertise – consulting, staff training, strategic marketing planning and implementation, introducing new service lines, uncovering revenue opportunities, and brand positioning – to help take clients to the next level.

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